Energy Concepts, LLC is in the green energy business.

Our products reduce green house gas emissions and promote greater operating efficiency through power conditioning. Our products provide fast acting, voltage-controlled protection with exclusive technology. Our products are certified by the Underwriter Laboratories and are patented in the United States. The result? Clean, reliable power for your building, business or home.

Protect Your Expensive Electronic Equipment, Motors and Lighting

The primary function of a PSP product is to protect equipment from "surges" or transient voltage. Therefore the name: Transient Voltage Surge Surpressor, now known as Surge Protection Device (SPD).

You spent a lot of time and money buying your home electronics- computers, TV's, appliances and more- don't let a common electrical surge ruin your electronics or appliances.

Transient Voltage Surges COST HOMEOWNERS MONEY! You can experience losses with Electronic Equipment, Motors, and Lighting!

According to State Farm Insurance "An electrical surge lasting only fractions of a second can damage your air conditioner, computer, television and other electrical and electronic appliances and equipment..."
Transient Voltage Surges in Your Electrical System are Costing You Money!!

What is Important About 'Clean' Power?

You are not receiving the same power quality you did just a few years ago. The available electricity gets diluted to meet demand - consequently, the power is 'dirtier' today. The Electric Power Research Institute also explains that aging power grids have potential effects on modern electronic equipment: "Another demand on power delivery stems from growing dependence upon modern electronic end-use devices," reads EPRI's release, "many of which are ultra-sensitive to even minor power disruptions. Voltage sags and surges that may not affect a light bulb can cause computers to crash. These and other power quality disruptions already cost the U.S. more than $50 billion annually."

Underwriter's Laboratories states that electrical equipment should expect a 35% to 40% longer life span if transient surges are eliminated.

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